Payment Guidelines


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  1. 1

    Visit the nearest branch of accredited Remittance bank:

    • 1. For a list of Remittance Services/BDO Remit International Network branches, you may visit
    • 2. Log onto the official websites of I-Remit and PNB to see their list of branches.
  2. 2

    Provide the required details on the Remittance Application Form:

    • 1. Beneficiary Name: Company Name
    • 2. Company Address
    • 3. Remitter’s Name: Contract Name or Remitter’s Name
    • 4. Reference: Account Reference Number (ARN)
    • 5. Account Reference No.
      Clients can inquire with our Collections Department for the Account Reference Number
  3. 3

    Prepare one (1) valid ID, the amount to be paid and remittance service fee.

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