Payment Guidelines


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    Confirm if check details have met the following format:

    • Company Name should be properly expressed in the “Pay to the order of” section.
    • Check date and amount should be consistent with your Schedule of Payment.
    • Amount should be consistent both in words and figures.
    • Check must always have the account holder’s signature.
    • 15-Digit Account Reference Number.
      * Clients can inquire with our Collections Department for the Account Reference Number
    For Peso Post Dated-Check:
    • The PCHC required dorsal format should be present at the back face of the check.
    • There should be no changes, erasures or any alterations on the check regardless of countersignature.
    • Amount should be expressed in words if a check writer was used in the issuance of check.
    For USD Post Dated-Check:
    • Any alteration on the check should be authenticated by account holder’s signature.
    • The Company will not consider USD checks issued outside US territory.
    • The Company will not consider third currency checks.

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